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The warm stone massage is perfect for you. Warm stone massage traces its roots all the way back to the Native Americans to treat aching muscles. We lay stones on all your high-pressure points to help you relax. You'll leave our spa with a clear head and open heart. Using smooth, heated rocks and simultaneous massage techniques allows the body to relax deeply as the warm stones break up adhesions and melt away the tension and stress of everyday life.

Why do we recommend a warm stone massage?

There's no experience like a warm stone massage.

• Relieves stress

• Gives time for internal focusing

• Perfect for first-time massage clients

• Gentle, effective pain relief

If you believe in the healing principles of the earth, you'll love reconnecting to yourself via a warm stone massage. The power of the rocks will let you internalize your thoughts while relaxing your muscles and relieving stress.


• 60 min $110          • 70min $120       • 90 min $140


*Prices subject to change without prior notice


Call Now: 860-391-8184

Do you prefer gentle, relaxing massages?

Need to give a unique gift?

Why not try a warm stone massage - there's nothing like it!

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