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Pregnancy alone is hard on the body. Add the rigors of everyday life and it's no wonder you're stressed out. Relax with a gentle massage from us. We specialize in pre-natal massage to relax you and your little one.

The benefits of a pre-natal massage go on and on:

When you relax, so does your baby.

• Improves circulation

• Relaxes the baby

• Relieves your stress

• Cuts-down on stretch marks

• Encourages nutrient-carrying blood flow

Stress doesn't do anyone any good. Take a cue from us and relax with a nice, long massage. You can also enjoy the tranquility room after your massage. Stay as long

as you like until you feel ready to face the real world again.


• 60min $95


*Price subject to change without prior notice

Call Now: 860-391-8184

Take a break for you and baby.

Pre-Natal massage isn't just for your benefit. Your baby will love it, too.

Hurry! Appointment space is limited:

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