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Relieve your tight, knotted muscles with one of our deep-tissue massages. Our specially trained technicians know your pain. They'll work your muscles to give you a soothing experience and help heal your aching body.

The benefits of deep tissue massage go on and on:

Having a massage regularly is an all-natural remedy

• Eliminate stress

• Relieve tight muscles

• Stop muscle tension

• Clear-out body toxins

The easiest way to feel better in an all-natural way is a massage. Research has proven time and time again that just an hour a week spend relaxing in a spa can transform your whole outlook on life.


•60 min $100          •70 min $110                •90 min $130


*Prices subject to change without prior notice

Call Now: 860-391-8184

Never settle for discomfort - Get relief today

"I had a massage with Kate at The Spring and it was everything I'd hoped for and more!  I can't wait for my next appointment, which is already booked!" Leah

There's nothing like the slow burn of achy muscles after a sports match or hard practice.

A massage will relieve the lactic acid build-up in your muscles and increase your ability to recover from injuries. Call us today to book your appointment.

Why do sports teams travel with a professional masseuse?

You don't have to suffer.

• Decrease recovery time

• Eliminate lactic acid build-up

• De-stress before a big game (or after)

• Help prevent muscle injury

We leave a few slots open every day for people who need a last-minute appointment.

Don't just suffer with your muscle pain. Come see us to work out your kinks so you can get back to the gym.


• 60min $90                • 70 min $100                   • 90 min $120


*Prices subject to change without prior notice

If you play hard, you know pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Therapy


Call Now: 860-391-8184

Improve your athletic performance with a regular massage session.

Let's eliminate the toxins from your muscles before they start to cause you pain.

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